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  FLGA is a Washington DC-based, multifaceted real estate development and investment company with a unique blend of public and private sector experiences and successes in the areas of mixed-use and urban lifestyle development.


 Founded by a former Director of Planning for the District of Columbia, the firm specializes in complex entitlement projects and has a 25-year history of innovative and dynamic urban/mixed-use projects. The professionals that makeup FLGA has developed and/or participated in the development of approximately 5 million square feet of mixed-use residential, retail, office and entertainment space.


The FLGA team is an organization of highly specialized talents in the fields of development management, acquisitions, entitlement, project design management, construction portfolio management, and government/public relations. Our team’s abilities are best described and illustrated in the quality of work shown in each of the projects in our portfolio.

"we take an innovative and dynamic approach to urban and community development that seeks to rise the tide for all parties both in the short and long term.  it is not our aim to simply transact with property owners.  we prefer to partner"

- Fred Greene III






FLGA’s primary investment strategy is the creative joint-venture acquisition and development of often overlooked parcels within the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Leveraging the depth of its local development and entitlement expertise, FLGA prides itself on its ability to and history of successfully creating opportunity with difficult sites and in difficult areas.


A second pillar to FLGA’s strategy involves partnering with industry-leading development groups to deliver the best possible product to a neighborhood. From industry-leading architects to development partners with expertise in a particular use, FLGA places a large emphasis on not only bringing the best use economically to a site but also on delivering the best quality product for the long term benefit of the surrounding community.


Through creative financing, building collaborative public/private relationships, and obtaining timely and efficient entitlements, FLGA is able to deliver maximum investment return to its partners.

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